The Centenary Launch

Calabar celebrated its 99th year of existence by hosting a press event that effectively launched Centenary Celebrations. Principal Lincoln Thaxter, former Prime Minister, P. J. Patterson, along with Derrick Smith, Karl Henlin, Vin Lawrence, John Messam and the Master of Ceremony, Lincoln Robinson outlined in some detail the plans for the celebration and the proposed impact on the school. Musical tributes were offered by the school's choir and its award winning group of drummers.

Principal Thaxter outlined the importance of the commemoration of the centenary and shared that the school had met with reasonable success in halting the continued decline in the academic performance of the school. He further shared that linkages with the PTA had brought about the formation of a body that effectively broadened and strengthen the school family and provided additional support for boys in need. He made reference to the contributions of the Old Boys' Association in the area of mentorship and academic support.

Chairman of the Centenary Committee, the Reverend Karl Henlin, Vin Lawrence and John Messam put into context the path that the school had followed to reach this point in its history and put into perspective the renewed thrust towards excellence. Derrick Smith, on behalf of the old boys shared the current perceptions of the school by the public and encouraged a return to balance.

The Centenary Committee's Honorary Chairman, former Prime Minister Patterson in his charge to the gathering, drew what he refered to as the Centenial Line and admonished those in attendance to raise the Bar. He drew from Calabar's rich history of scholars and achievers and made reference to the long list of graduates of the school making their contribution in varied professions and in all walks of life. His was a charge to the body to make Calabar again, the school of choice in Jamaica.